Tournament Rules


1.The following rules were adopted by the Dumb Bassers Bass Club.  They will be honored unless amended or changed by the Club at a regular meeting.  These rules can only be amended or changed by a ¾ majority vote of those present at the meeting.
2.Each year the Club president will appoint a Tournament Selection Committee who, with the president, will present to the Club a list of tournament dates with prime lakes.
3.The membership will approve or revise these dates and lakes at a subsequent meeting and the final list, accepted by majority vote of those present, will become the tournament program for the year.  There will be no further changes of the tournament program unless by a 3/4 majority of those present at the meeting. 
4.In the event an alternate is needed, the Tournament Director will make the final decision. 
5.The entrance fee for all the tournaments is included in the $60 dues.  This money is to be used primarily for awards.   Members joining after the tournament schedule has started shall pay $25 membership fee and $5 for each tournament remaining.  (11/6/05) 
6.The time duration of all tournaments is eight (8) hours per day, with the exception of the Saturday of a two day event (with a maximum time limit of ten (10) hours). 
7.The starting and check-in time for each tournament will be set by the Tournament Director. 
8.Partners in a tournament are to be chosen by drawing except in special instances approved by the Club.
9. Two men are not to fish as partners more than two (2) times per year except under extenuating circumstances. 
10. In the event that two members draw as partners, who both have boats, the boat owner with the highest number of points in the point standings has the option to use his boat. 
11.  A form is to be presented to each member at each meeting prior to the tournament.  This is the Tournament Director's responsibility.  This form must state the following:
Starting Time
Check-in Time
Legal Length
Creel Limit
Boat Number
Space for Partners' Name
The final responsibility for getting this form completed is with each member.  The information is to be made available at each meeting.
12. The Tournament Director will collect the boats in one spot and release them at his own discretion.  Before releasing the boats the Tournament Director
                will inspect live wells and/or check for the presence of a Weigh Master Golden Rule, either before or after launching.  Inspection is optional.
                 (Amended December 2, 2001)
                13.                 It will be necessary to have seven (7) fishermen for the tournament to be official. (Amended November 2, 2003) 
                14.           The Tournament Director establishes the quitting time in a tournament.  Any boat not at the ramp site at quitting time or any contestant who fishes after the quitting time shall be disqualified. There is no grace period. 
                15.           Legal limit for all Club tournaments will be five (5) fish and the minimum size for all Club tournaments will be
                twelve (12) inches. (11/05/00) 
                16.           The Club will honor strict catch and release by use of the Weigh Master Golden Rule.  Fish will be measured with   the mouth closed and tail fanned in any manner.  If the tail touches a line (weight side), go to the next highest line to record weight.  The weight must be agreed on by partner if available.
                (11/6/05). Any fish over 22 inches is to be brought in and weighed on a digital scale. 
                17.           A boat owner must purchase and have on board a Weigh Master Golden Rule as the official measuring device for club tournaments.
                18.           Only fish eligible are largemouth, smallmouth, and Kentucky spotted bass. 
                19.           All weigh-ins must be supervised by both the Tournament Director and two appointed assistants.  In the event one of the three is absent, the others will
                appoint a temporary assistant. 
                20.           All disputes will be settled by the Tournament Director and his assistants.  Their decision will be final.
                21.           Should it be proven that any member weighs fish in a tournament which he did not personally catch by casting or jigging artificial baits on the day of the tournament, this member will be expelled from the Club, and all prizes, awards, etc. forfeited. 
                22.           Fish caught with live bait or by trolling are not eligible for weigh-ins. 
                23.        All participants are to wear a Coast Guard approved life jacket any time the gasoline engine is pushing the boat. First violation of this will
                                                    result in a warning of record; Second and any subsequent violation will be subject to disqualification from the event.  (8/1/06) 
                24.           All boats used in a Club tournament are to be equipped with an operable kill switch, which is to be attached to the driver's person any time the gasoline
                engine is pushing the boat. . First violation of this rule will result in a warning of record; Second and any subsequent violation will be subject to
                disqualification from the event. (8/1/06) 
                25            Any violation of a state, federal or local watercraft law/rule will be grounds for disqualification of any tournament participant. (11/6/05)
                26.           Non boater pays 50% of expenses on tournament days with a minimum of $20.00. (Amended December 2, 2001) The non boater must pay an extra $5
                when fishing Indiana Lakes to off set the cost of boat stickers (1/8/06). The boat rider must pay the boat owner for trip expenses by the end of the tournament
                trip, or he will be suspended and forfeit all awards until this is paid.
                27.           Any member wishing to qualify for any federation tournament must participate in the Youth Project or Environmental Project or other qualifying event as determined by the club. (amended 1/4/2004) This requirement must be met by October 1 of the appropriate year. After all qualifying members have been
                placed on a team, any member who did not participate in one of the events may still be eligible to compete in a federation event after a 2/3s majority vote
                of those members present. (1/9/05) 
                28.           Club standing and Federation Points system. There will be one set of points for the Club standings and Federation standings.   Points will be awarded for all
                eight (8) tournaments. The two low tournaments will be thrown out. (11/605) The final standings will be based on the six (6) highest tournament finishes for
                each fisherman. 
                29            Each member will be responsible for their share of club expenses for the days they are at the tournament. (e.g. accommodations, food, boat slips) In the
                event a member stays in their own accommodations, they will be responsible for their share of expenses for the tournament days only, regardless if they use
                the accommodations or not. If a club member brings a guest, the guest is responsible for their share of expenses. (Added December 2000) 
                30.           Every boat owner will provide current proof of insurance to the tournament director. (Added December 2, 2001)